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Notice to Sellers
As of 07/15/2011 There will be a minimum of $5.00 selling fee for AI certificates selling from the date posted forward. If the AI certs sell for more than $50.00 each a 10% commission will be charged.

As of 11/01/2015 As the seller you must send me the dollar amount you want to net per straw for semen and embryo sales. ACS will list your listings at a price that is a minimum (but not limited to) 10% selling fee increase over your net price. (It has to be worth the seller and ACS's while.) If it sells off of the ACS site the seller will be paid what they wanted to net from the sale. A 5% selling fee is on livestock sales that are $200.00 or above.

 With the addition of the Special Price Semen category, there will be a
 minimum charge of $1.00 per straw selling fee.


Rules on ACS.  If you as a buyer say you want to purchase something off of the ACS Classifieds and you receive a bill, you own it and we expect payment in 30 days. 

If you as a seller sell something off of this site, you cannot send the money back to the buyer because of a change of mind or circumstances unless you contact the buyer and the buyer contacts me and says it is alright. If the buyer says it is alright, you will not get the selling fee returned and you must pay the full selling price to the buyer. 

This business has always been on the honor system and your word is your bond. If it is fractured, you will not be able to buy or sell off of this site.

To the buyers off of ACS: This is your notification for purchasing genetics off of the ACS Classifieds from identified lines of cattle that are known carrieres of genetic defects in the Angus breed:

Notice to Buyers:
Here is the URL for the AAA web site that you can search for genetic defect information for (AM, NH, and CA).

Click Here --> http://www.angus.org


New For Sale: Package DT
Angus heifer ET calf born Nov 2019, BR Midland x Circle A Maxine 5057. Midland’s influence on the Angus breed is substantial, these are low risk, proven genetics. She is in Iowa and was on display for the Iowa Angus Tour August 29-30.  AAA Registration # is 19784966.   Asking $2000.

Angus heifer calf born January ‘20, Oneill’s Frontiersman x O’Neill’s Royal Lady 90. This heifer Reg # 19784160  is a full sibling to O’Neill’s Black Bardolier. She has excellent rate of gain, carcass and feed conversion traits; has tremendously sound feet and an elegant front end. Her full sister, O’Neill’s Royal Lady 158, has a daughter selling as lot 9 during the O’Neill Angus Online Sale Oct 19.  This is an exceptional heifer, please make offer.

You will have to e-mail me and let me know which mating you are wanting.
  E-mail to purchase this entry.
Sold by Seller For Sale: A bull pregnancy due 01/10/2019 out of donor dam Dameron F R Sandy 5619 Reg # 18436773.

Sire Used: Colburn Primo 5153 Reg # 18217480.
Priced at $3750.00. Recip cow is a good one located in Decatur, MI.
Sold by Seller For Sale: 2 Angus heifers.
Coleman Eriskay 7214 reg# 18945354 born 7/9/17. Vaccinated at Coleman Angus. Priced at $1950.00

Bluewater Isabell 2428 reg# 19108809 born 10/8/2017. Vaccinated at seller's farm. Priced at $1650.00
Two nice Heifers

Note: Bluewater Isabel traces back to same cow family as  Baldridge Isabel Y69. This is a natural calf of our Isabell Donor .

Coleman Eriskay was born and bred at Coleman Angus Ranch. Nice pedigree.
Both are located in Northwest Alabama

You will have to e-mail me and tell me what you are wanting to purchase.
For Sale: 75 Angus cows and heifers. This is a herd reduction sale at our Texas ranch location just outside College Station. Ages are 2009 to 2016. Sires are such as:  Denver, Protégé, Resistol, Baldridge Waylon, RB Tour of Duty, Absolute, Consensus 7229, and Final Answer. They will either bred heifers, or pairs, or spring bred's. Priced between 2400.00 to 3000.00 each.

Email for a complete listing.
  E-mail to purchase this entry.
For Sale: 2 Bull Pregnancies due September 1st 2017 out of Donor Dam is Sinclair Enchantress 4P60 Reg # 14774207. She was proclaimed to be one of the top production cows to ever leave Sinclair 5@88br 5@111wr 4@105yr. Has a son in Accelerated Genetics Reg # 16330895.

Sire Used: SAV Resource 1441 Reg # 17016597.
Priced at $3000.00 each. Recips are registered Angus cows Reg # 17254221, 16716703.

You will have to e-mail me and tell me how many you are wanting to purchase.
  E-mail to purchase this entry.
For Sale: 2 straight Wye pedigrees on these two year old bulls. Both were fertility tested and had a breeding soundness exam by seller's vet in April 2016. Price is $4000.00 each. They are located at Bluff View Farms, near Aledo, IL.

Bluff View Favour F465 - Reg: AAA +18014901 Birth Date 04/05/2014 Tattoo: F465

Bluff View Forester F462Reg: AAA 18014898  Birth Date: 03/14/2014 Tattoo: F462
If you have questions e-mail us and I will let you visit with the sellers. E-mail to purchase this entry.