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I would like to take this time to introduce to you the website that is one of the hottest sites out on the web that is advertising and selling for cattle producers all over the U.S.

Make sure that you read the Disclaimer, Sellers Responsibility and Warranty, and Buyers Responsibility.

Advantage Cattle Services also known as ACS wants to say thank you for using our site. Although the information listed on the ACS site is believed to be true, ACS is not responsible in any way for the information or lack thereof that is entered by the Posters, Sellers, Buyers, or other sites linked to ACS. ACS, or its employees, agents, or contractors will not be liable whatsoever in anyway for damages or losses of any kind direct or indirect from information or lack thereof listed on the ACS site.
ACS does not warrant or guarantee any product listed on the ACS site.
ACS does not collect, freeze, store, or handle any semen or embryos listed on the ACS site therefore we do not warrant any semen or embryos sold on the ACS site.
ACS does not raise or handle any livestock listed on the ACS site therefore we do not warrant any livestock sold on the ACS site.

Sellers Responsibility and Warranty
It is the Sellers responsibility to get to ACS all their information by e-mail. We will need the Sellers complete name, address, and phone number of where we are to send their check.
It is the Sellers responsibility to price all their products listed and to have the semen or embryos listed to be able to be delivered in good condition.
If the Sellers are not shipping the semen and require the buyer to send a charged shipper with a call tag on it (knowing it will take a lot of Buyers out of it as many don't have shippers) we will need the complete physical address which includes the name, address, and phone number of where the semen is stored.
If the seller is to ship the semen or embryos, the shipper is to be delivered to a reputable Shipper for shipping to the address that is sent to you from ACS.
It is the Sellers responsibility to have the livestock that was sold, be delivered to a safe place to loaded without injury.
It is the Sellers responsibility for all updates, or changes of their products listed on the ACS site.
The Seller can pay listing fees by a personal check. Normally the selling fees are deducted from the check that is sent to the seller from ACS when the product is sold but if the buyer pays the seller directly, the selling fees may be sent by the Seller to ACS by cashiers check, or personal check. The Seller is liable to ACS for the listing fee and for 10% selling fee for the semen and embryo sales that the Seller sold on the ACS site, and for 5% selling fee for livestock sold on the ACS site.

Buyers Responsibility
It is the Buyers responsibility to get to ACS all their information by e-mail. We will need the Buyers complete mailing address which includes their name, address, and phone number for ours, the Buyers, and the Sellers records.
If the purchase is to be shipped by the Sellers to the Buyers and if the physical address is different from the Buyers mailing address we will need that name, address, and phone number as well.
The shipping of semen, embryos, and livestock is at the Buyer's expense and risk. ACS claims no liability or warrants any products whatsoever. ACS is not a Shipper and recommends insuring your purchases if at all possible in case of damages, negligence, or loss. The shipping instructions entered by the Buyer, will be e-mailed or faxed to the Shipper. The Buyer must pay the shipping cost to and from destinations to the Shipper not to ACS. The Buyer may pay for the products purchased from the ACS site by certified check, or personal check if pre approved. If paid by personal check the shipment may be held until the personal check clears the bank. All payments are to be mailed to the address that will be sent to you from an ACS e-mail bill.

There are so many things available on Advantage Cattle Services and I will talk briefly about some of the many facets to this site.

The ACS Classifieds Auction is an e-mail On-Line Auction. We make this auction similar to a person setting in the seats of a sale and when the sale time has ended we allow the top 3 bidders of that lot to continue to bid until the auction on that particular lot is sold. The charge for this is the same fee for the semen and embryo sales off of the ACS Classifieds. Click on the link to read all the rules that pertain to listing and bidding on entries.

To advertise on the Production Sales the cost is $50.00 to advertise. We can put a link to where ever you sale is advertised. The Production Sale page is pretty well self explanatory where you can advertise your up coming production sales.

To advertise in the ACS Classifieds the cost is ACS receives 10% of all semen and embryo sales and 5% of livestock sales.
All advertisement must be sent to us by e-mail. We will not re-type hard copy information. We no longer scan pictures. Do not send text information from an Excel Spreadsheet. Do not copy information from an Excel Spreadsheet and paste it into an e-mail or word document and send it as it keeps the properties of the Spreadsheet. 
This does not include Semen ads out of your own herd sires, it is for semen that you have purchased.
The cost to advertise semen sales out of your own herd sire is the same as printed above and goes on the Herd Sire page. 

The Links page is helpful tools for the cattle producer. Gestation table, weather loops, markets and more. 

Now for the vehicle that has made ACS one of the strongest websites going. Becoming a ACS Associate. The advantage of becoming a Cattlemen ACS Associate is gives everyone your entire contact information at a glance along with your web site link if you have one and we take what you have to say directly to the homes of thousands of cattle producers by our newsletter (e-mail blasts) and bring it to the attention of people reading the ACS Message Board. People just see the merit that ACS has to offer. This e-mail blast goes out on Friday and sometimes on Wednesday as well, telling people what is new on ACS or what the Cattlemen ACS Associates have to offer. 

It is one of the most powerful tools in the beef industry today as far as advertising your genetics to thousands of progressive cattle producers across the country in real time instead of waiting for a publication to get it ready for print and then mail it out.

It just makes no sense to spend the money on creating and keeping a website updated, then putting it out on the web with the millions and millions of other websites and hoping people will find you. Even if you are on a page with hundreds of websites of the same nature, hoping to gain more traffic to your site, you know as well as I do that people are not going to look at each and every one of them on that page, looking for something new, unless you spend more money in advertising, telling people to look at what is new on your website. At ACS, we take your site directly to the people who are in the cattle business through our e-mail blast.

By becoming an Cattlemen ACS Associate, any time you want to tell them what you have for sale or bring to their attention something that you want them to see on your website, simply Click here to E-mail Us and I will include that in the e-mail blast for that week.

No other cattle website does this that I am aware of, nor lets you speak directly to other cattle producers by an e-mail. It is a powerful tool and it works.

To find out the fees for becoming a Cattlemen ACS Associate just click on the link to see the other Associates and the fees to become one. 

We also allow advertising off of one of the most looked at web pages in the cattle industry that is the ACS Message Board.  Go to the General Information forum, then click on the Advertisement topic, then click on the "This Month's Featured Ads" link to see the different advertising catagories that we offer. The fees are on each page of the different ad options.

Thank you for your time and we are looking forward to doing business together.

Brian Weaver
Advantage Cattle Services  www.advantagecattle.com